If children live with acceptance and friendship,
they learn to find love in the world.

Mission Statement

Holy Family Learning Center accepts the challenge to respond to the daily needs of families by creating a community of love and hope based on quality care and educational instruction. Our standard is that all children are treated with love, kindness, and respect! We are FAMILY—“a home away from home!”


Value Statements (Philosophy)

We believe that parents are the primary caregivers and educators of their children. Therefore, we support families and assist in the care and education of their children.

•    We believe that play is an agent for creative learning.

•    We believe that all children develop at their own developmental learning rate.

•    We believe in a family spirit that emphasizes the value and dignity of each person.

•    We believe in working closely with other related agencies as well as other religions and civic organizations in order to meet the needs of the people we serve according to the ideals of justice and love.


Ministry Goals

Our learning Center is more than just a baby–sitting service! We are a developmental and educational, age appropriate Learning Center.

We comply with the Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning Content 

Standards and the Diocese of Cleveland. It is supported by different learning methods and traditional techniques based on music, poetry, yoga, and brain gym.

It is our ministry to offer quality care and genuine love. We are Family! Our goal as a Learning Center is to ensure that each child has a fun CHILDHOOD!


Laws and Licensing: Ohio Department of Education, Chapter 3301-37-04

Holy Family Learning Center is a state licensed, not for profit, equal opportunity, non-denominational learning center.

Group sizes are maintained for each group. The Learning Center is licensed to serve: 21 infants, 39 toddlers, 55 preschoolers, and 5 school aged children.

The Ohio Department of Education issues the learning Center a license which is posted in the offices. Licensing inspection reports and substantiated complaint investigation reports for current licensing period are displayed at the front entry readily in view of the parents or guardians.

The Licensing Laws and Regulations are available in the Director's office for review upon the request of any custodial parent of a child enrolled in the Learning Center.

State Staff/Child Ratios

Infants less than 12 months (1:5/2:10)
H.F.L.C. (1:4/2:8)

Infants 12 months to 18 months (1:6; group size = 2-12)

Toddlers 18 month's to 3 years (1:7; group size = 2-14)

Preschoolers 3 years 
(1:12; group size = 2-24)

Preschoolers 4 and 5 
(1-14; group size = 2-28)