It is our ministry to offer quality care and genuine love. We are Family! Our goal as a Learning Center is to ensure that each child has a fun CHILDHOOD!


Programs/Curriculum from Nursery to Pre-Kdg

Head teachers develop age appropriate programs/projects based on the Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning Content Standards and we are directed by the Diocese of Cleveland. The following activities are integrated into the daily curriculum:

•    Religion—Prayer Time

•    Designed Catered Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack

•    Dramatic Play Experiences with Creative Expression

•    Story time

•    Music, Art, Drama, Science, Social Studies, Math, and Reading Readiness

•    Computers and Educational Media

•    Literacy building—Language, Literature, and Sign Language

•    Free Play

•    Circle Time

•    Brain/Body Activities and Yoga

•    Large and Small Motor Activities

•    Indoor and Outdoor Play

•    Nap and Quiet Time

•    Birthday Celebrations

•    On Campus Field Trips

•    Summer Water Play