Nursery Goals

  • Our main goal in the Nursery is to provide your child with lots of love and support throughout the day.  This includes hugs abnd kisses and their own little cheering section while they are experimenting with new activities and reaching new milestones.

  • We will learn new songs each week to encourage movement and brain gym actions that allow the children to cross their mid-lines.

  • We will start a picture wall inside the playroom areas featuring picture of the children playing so they can see themselves in action.

Step Up Goals

  • Our main goal is to teach the children to share.  We try to foster a positive self-concept for each child.

  • Teach the children to be kinder to their friends.

  • Teach the children to share and not to throw toys.

  • Help the children at mealtimes to eat with a spoon, not with their fingers or hands.

  • Help the children to go up and down the stairs before they move up to the Young Toddler Room.

Young Toddler Goals

  • To enhance Language Development – Literacy by speaking in 2-3 word sentences, talking to other children/using child’s name, following simple directions, and reading stories and poems.

  • To enhance Socio-Emotional Development by sharing/taking turns with toys, increase in self -esteem/independence, to be able to separate from parents and expressing their feelings.

  • To enhance Physical Development we will walk up and down steps, catch a ball, use a regular cup and spoon, sit down at meals and plan activities for fine and gross motor skills (yoga & brain gym).

  • To enhance the Thinking Process (Readiness Skills) we will identify colors/shapes, count from 1-10, practice our alphabet, and use picture cards to expand word development.

Older Toddler Goals

  • Teach the children self help skills

  • To improve each child’s attention span.

  • To expand vocabulary and literacy skills.

  • To solve their own problem using words instead of actions.

  • To foster readiness skills through reading, math and phonics.

  • To develop an understanding of our world through the areas of social studies and science experiments.

  • To teach proper table manners.

  • Potty training and bathroom procedures.

  • To improve hand eye coordination.

Young Preshool Goals

  • The children will develop respect for others.
  • The children will express their feelings.

  • The children will play cooperatively with others.

  • The children will develop the ability to do things more independently.

  • The children will learn by playing.

  • The children will follow through with directions.

  • The children will work on activities to develop self-help skills.

Older Preschool Goals

  • Children will be encouraged to do things for themselves and make their own decisions. 
  • Children will be acting directly to concrete objectives and hands on activities. 
  • Children will participate in numerous activities that promote gross and fine motor coordination. 
  • Children will be able to work well in groups and play with two or more children (less self-centered and more empathetic). 
  • Activities will be planned to develop the following area: Spiritual, physical, cognitive, language-literacy, social and emotional.  With emphasis on the curriculum readiness skills:  Math, reading, phonics, social studies and science. 
  • Children will learn to socialize with people outside the family style.
  • Children will have the chance to develop themselves through drama, art, music, classroom materials and self directed play.
  • Children will be able to follow through with directions.
  • Children will grow and develop at their own rate without comparing.
  • Children will be encouraged to have a great time, to share and to increase their problem solving skills.

Young and Older Pre-Kindergarten Goals

  • Children will be able to do self-help skills by themselves.
  • Children will be encouraged to make their own decisions.
  • Children will be able to use their manners on a daily basis.
  • Children will be able to follow a two and three step direction. 
  • Children will be able to socialize with one another through their play and organized activities. 
  • Children will be able to develop their readiness skills through our daily activities in prayer/religion, art, math, reading, literacy, phonics, brain gym and yoga. 
  • Children will be able to develop an awareness of our world through social studies and science experiences.